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Machina Espresso

Been there recently for lunch. They make the best coffee in Hamilton. The meals are tasty and VERY reasonbly priced. (I quite liked their interior design too!!)
We had paninis, pizzas, chicken wrap and some sort of roll made with pie pastry... they were all fantastic!! (But they don't come with side salads - you have to order them separately).
The only minor irritation was that, because it was quite busy at the time we were there (it was virtually full at around 1pm, and people were still coming in the whole time we were there) and also because we ordered lots of things, somehow they mixed up our order and forgot one of the coffees. Still, their service was great overall. Very friendly and pleasant.
Also, it's a pity that they don't make chicken salads anymore... (they only do green salads and whatever is in the cabin for the day, usually potato or pasta salad) and I heard someone talking about marinated salmon??? Didn't seem to have that either.
It was one of my best dining experiences for lunch. Me and my friends had an enjoybale time there. I will definitely recommend Machina to anyone who is searching for best coffee and lunches in town.

5.0 out of 55.0 out of 55.0 out of 55.0 out of 55.0 out of 5

Review by Coffeeholic, 27 July 2004.

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Other Reviews for Machina Espresso

Anonymous, 7 October 2011 (1 stars). Disappointed, with the management of Machina - they seem to go through good staff very quickly - this seems to be consistent over the last few years....somewhat unfortunate and I am sure coincidental. Anyone else see this? Nice coffee, nice food, good staff, average owners?
Sheila, 1 September 2010 ( stars). Best coffee in Hamilton. AD not bad either.
coffeebeen, 12 April 2010 (4 stars). I am a coffee snob. Best coffee in town. Best coffee hit of most towns. Blacks, cappuccino, latte. Flat white is my current 'thing'. All good, well made and correctly made.
I go out of my way to coffee there. Sad that it is not open weekends. Always good food to choose to compliment the coffee. Service is okay; they are always busy and don't waste time.
Ian, 20 November 2003 (5 stars). I visit NZ regularly from Melbourne and I make a beeline for Machina. They make the best coffee in the world and it's the highlight of my NZ visits. I love sitting in the booth and watching the coffee being made. I love the flat whites and the food is excellent. This place is really world class and Hamilton people are very lucky to have it in their town.

Bartman, 19 November 2002 (5 stars). If you like good strong coffee, you can't beat Machina. Definitely the BEST coffee in Hamilton.
susannah, 14 November 2002 (4 stars). Machina is great. Cool booths, excellent coffee and yummy food. One of the best cafes in Hamilton!
Alex Barnes, 11 September 2002 (5 stars). Machina is a superb place for coffee. They are very consistent with good coffee, which is a sign of quality Baristas!!! Also their wild food choices, are very tasty!!! Great atmosphere, funky music and friendly staff!! Do try it!!
Sunny, 12 June 2002 (5 stars). I actually went there a few times before and I really like their coffee, meals, and of course, their service! And I feel comfortable when I have a latte at Machina, I think they have the nicest coffee which I've tried. I love it there!!
Tomomi, 12 June 2002 (5 stars). I sometimes went there with my friend and had a Mochachino. I like it. I'm interested in how to make coffee. The staff are so kind and friendly, and I like their paninis for lunch. When I went there, I always stayed for a long time - I'm sorry about that!
coolcoffee, 23 May 2002 (4 stars). I have been to Machina on several occasions. The coffee is always excellent and the food is stylish and simple. I took my Mum there for lunch as she hadn't been there before. We had flat whites which were strong and superbly made. Mum ordered some sort of chicken(?)feta pie/quiche thing. She was very impressed with the pastry which she said was lovely and light. I had the roasted vege salad which came in a generous serving with a garlic aioli. Just yummy.
The parking can be a bit horrendous here, but the food and service and especially the coffee is always good.
Irie Manchora, 8 February 2002 (5 stars). The coffee is perfect, the Barista passionate about his beans. (Dave...)
The staff, AD Caz and Dave are always friendly and the atmosphere sublime.
(The sounds are groovey downbeat / dubbyhouse.)
Food, check out the marinated salmon...mmmm
Bridget, 19 November 2001 (4 stars). Deus ex Machina
Machina is an espresso café and deli in London St, opposite the church. The décor of the place is euro-trendy dark and dim with cool booths along one side and a counter at the front to perch at and watch the suit traffic outside. It has a large blackboard menu espousing breakfast foods, a counter of prepared paninis, salads, pizzas, and sweet things. It also has a cool pugnacious-looking barista and his machine, and shelves covered in deli food to idly eye. It has a large communal table in the middle to wait for coffee-to-go, or read a newspaper. If a quick look in the deli counter doesn’t entice you to sit down, the smell of the coffee certainly will.
We have had lunch twice here and both times have been excellent. The food is simple and stylish, with ingredients that come off the deli shelves. Maverick has sampled panini (REAL chorizo, he crowed) and Mediterranean pizza ($5.50 and $4). I have had chicken salads (loaded with marinated chicken, olive oil, weird pastas, fresh veges and basil) for $7.50. The food is very good value and cheaper than you will find elsewhere in Hamilton.
The coffee is superb and the barista himself is pretty awesome too. Upon opening a new bag of coffee beans, he stuck in his head and took a long deep breath. I’m sure it has more pragmatic reasoning, but to the more romantic-minded of us it looked like the actions of a man who loves (or is in desperate need of a) coffee.
Machina is a perfect place to caffeine and food-rejuvenate, to shade from the sun, to time-out from the insanity of the silly season. Unfortunately, they are not open in the weekends, so you’ll have to trip north mid-week. It’s worth it.
Overall: Change of scene for the Rocket regulars

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Machina Espresso
67 London St, Hamilton

Cuisine Type: New Zealand/Gourmet Coffee
Prices: Mains $4-$13

Open 7.00am-4.00 pm, Mon-fri

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